Sunday, December 1, 2013

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University Libraries Advocates Board

Advocates agree to serve the University Libraries in its continual quest for excellence; by sharing their expertise and insights; by helping promote the outstanding programs, services, and collections; and by enhancing the University Libraries reputation.

Membership on the Advocates is a three-year term and members will serve no more than two consecutive terms. The group meets twice a year; however, members consult with the Dean on an ongoing basis.

The mission of the Advocates is:

  • To serve as advisors to the Dean of the University Libraries.
  • Recommend strategies to enhance the human and financial resources necessary to promote and achieve the mission and vision of the University Libraries.
  • In pursuing this mission, the Advocates will develop strategies that will:
  • Increase a sense of pride, loyalty, and connection with the UL among students, alumni, friends, and members of the campus and external communities.
  • Share information with campus and external communities about the quality of UL programs and services.
  • Encourage alumni and friends to donate their time, talent, and resources in support of programs and services provided by the UL.




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