Saturday, November 30, 2013

ESULA: Changing Perceptions of the Academic Library Through Student Activism.


Journal cover: Reference Services ReviewPurpose – The influences of electronic information access and social networking through Facebook and other communications have, in many respects, lessened the relative importance of going to the library building as a physical place and space. Changes in general college/university culture such as fewer residential students and more non-traditional students contribute in turn to a disconnect with library resources and services. The Emporia State University Libraries and Archives (ULA) have discovered an approach that not only helps in promoting services and resources, but also offers undergraduate and graduate students a training ground in leadership and mentoring of fellow students. This paper aims to focus on the issues.

Design/methodology/approach – Empowered Students for University Libraries and Archives (ESULA), is a recognized student organization whose purpose is to raise awareness of and serve as an advocate for the ULA services and collections. ESULA members also serve individually and collectively as on-campus peer resources/mentors to fellow students. The influence of campus student organizations on the development of leadership skills is discussed. The rationale for forming ESULA, long-term outcomes for the organization, and suggestions for creating a comparable organization at one's college or university are also examined.

Findings – ESULA offers members a thriving environment to develop leadership skills for lifelong learning.

Originality/value – The paper highlights that academic libraries seeking innovative ways of connecting with their undergraduate and graduate users beyond patron satisfaction surveys, library instruction, and subject/department liaisons for collection development might consider exploring similar organizational structures on their campuses.


Cynthia Akers, (2011) "ESULA: changing perceptions of the academic library through student activism", Reference Services Review, Vol. 39 Iss: 1, pp.123 - 131



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