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Job Title: Education Library Student Ambassador

Basic Function and Responsibility: 

Student ambassadors will act as official liaisons between the Education Library, their academic department and various student organizations within the UF College of Education. Ambassadors will foster communication, increase awareness of library services and resources throughout the college and serve as a "voice" for their fellow students.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Act as liaison between fellow students, academic program and library staff
  2. Evaluate library resources and provide input on the selection of new library materials
  3. Provide feedback on library services and/or suggest new services
  4. Assist with the planning and implementation of library events
  5. Market and promote library resources, services, workshops and events throughout the COE
  6. Assist with instruction and training of fellow students (i.e.: co-present with librarians, suggest new workshops, offer feedback on content etc.)

Entry-Level Qualifications:

  1. Upperclassmen (Junior or above) or graduate student
  2. College of Education major or minor
  3. Able to serve for two consecutive semesters (Fall '12 - Spring '13)
  4. Available to work on campus for up to 30 hours per semester

Preferred Qualifications:

  1. Public speaking experience
  2. Participation in student organizations or college events

A $500 honorarium will be awarded to each Education Library student ambassador at the end of service.

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