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Statement Of Purpose/ Mission

We are a student-led organization currently made up of only library student employees. Our aim is to increase student involvement in the library through marketing, event planning, and interaction. We are responsible for: organizing social events for library staff and student employees, helping with library projects, library marketing, and to act as a liaison between library staff and students.


Constitution Faces of Folke Name of Organization: The name of this organization shall be Faces of Folke. Purpose: The purpose of the organization is to increase student involvement in the library through marketing, event planning, and interaction. The organization will have the following responsibilities: Organize social events for library students and staff Help with library projects Help with library marketing Act as a liaison between library staff and students

Membership requirements: Membership in this group is initially open only to student employees of the Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library (Gustavus Library). Members will be selected by an application process the prior semester. After the first semester (Fall ’12), the executive board will decide whether or not to open membership up to non-library employees. Board members will be selected by the President Membership can and will be revoked by a ¾ vote at any time.

Executive board:

The following officer positions shall exist within the Faces of Folke organization: President, Secretary, Treasurer/Fundraising, and Historian. All officers must be full-time students in good standing who are enrolled at Gustavus Adolphus College. In addition, all officers must be student employees at the Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library. The duties of each office are described as follows:


  • To organize and preside over weekly meetings 
  • To lead each full-group meeting 
  • To act as a liaison between the Library and Faces of Folke. 
  • To meet monthly with the faculty advisor 
  • To discuss plans for the following month and reflect on the past month. 
  • To meet monthly with the library’s Outreach and Promotions committee. 
  • To oversee all programming done by the Faces of Folke organization. 


  • To keep a written record of all group meetings 
  • To send meeting minutes via e-mail to all group members 
  • To keep a record of meetings within the committee they represent and share this with the president. Treasurer/Fundraising: 
  • To maintain the finances of the organization and keep records of all financial matters To organize and oversee fundraising efforts for the group. Historian 
  • To document events within the organization 
  • To write up summaries of each event and post to the group website 
  • To take pictures of events and post them to the group website 

If the Board votes to allow non-employees to join the organization after the first semester (or any time after), an additional office of Campus Representative will be added.

This officer’s duties will be as follows:

  • To offer an outside opinion on library and group issues 
  • To act as a representative for the student body 
  • To communicate with others outside of the library so as to accurately represent all students 









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