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What Are Library Ambassadors

The purpose of the Library Ambassador’s Board is to assist the Dean of the Libraries in maintaining and enhancing the excellence of the Clemson University Libraries.

In this role, the Library Ambassador’s have the following functions in assisting the Dean

  • To transmit the mission, accomplishments, needs and aspirations;
  • To represent the needs, interests, and capacities of the community;
  • To assist with fundraising and development activities on behalf of the Library;
  • To advocate for special causes and needs of the Library to external constituencies; and
  • To aid with collaborative projects.

Library Ambassadors are responsible for:

  • Attending and participating in board meetings;
  • Understanding the mission, functions, and services of the Library;
  • Sharing personal expertise and contacts for the benefit of the Library;
  • Being advocates for the Library within the University and externally with business, community, legislature, and other constituencies;
  • Initiating relationships that result in business/Clemson University Libraries partnerships (including opening doors);
  • Assisting in the recruitment of new members; and
  • Providing personal financial support according to the Board’s giving guidelines.

Source and Profiles of  Library Ambassadors (2013) Available At:


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